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PTE 8 & 9 Tutorials - Most topics covered

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Thanks Barry for these very interesting videos.

Now we have a lot of time to spend if we want watch and understand all of them

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There is a lot of content there, so it’s probably best to pick a topic and start from there. All my videos are put together in a logical learning order. Meaning the first video in the topic like animation for example is basic, the last video probably a bit more advanced. The most important thing I try to do is to make them relevant and practical.

There are lots of Photoshop videos too. They must run into hundreds I guess

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Hello Barry, and THANK YOU!!!

I am brand new to PTE and to slideshow production involving audio. I have produced many 'static' slideshows for our website (www.terrysteelenaturephotography.com)  and projector screen (up to 12 ft diagonal screen) viewing, but never to the level I am attempting right now. I have been asked to apply our wildlife photography to a newly premiered symphony that is 37 minutes long. The symphony is perfect for our interests as it incorporates sounds of nature between the movements. I downloaded your tutorials that so clearly and concisely explain the basics of PTE. As I view your examples, and envision the effects of animation to the audio I am synchronizing our images to, it takes my breath away! The application of the PTE software is going to work beautifully! 

My immediate interest is to figure out an ideal image size for the highest quality production at the most efficient file size. Obviously, I will be using primarily panning and zooming effects. I could use some advice from a pro like yourself who is also so knowledgeable about PTE. Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated -  especially information (or  links to any articles) on the subject of image size and quality production for 4K and 16:9 publishing.

The end use of the audio/video production will include the following:

  • Auditorium-size projection
  • DVD/BlueRay disc production for 4k TV
  • Website viewing 
  • Youtube viewing

My laptop is aged, with 8G Ram, 1600x900 resolution, Intel (R)Core(TM)2 Duo CPU, ATI Mobility Raedon HE4650 graphics display. While I am currently ready to start sizing hundreds of images, I am wondering if I can get by with this laptop or if I will be forced to upgrade my machine to accomplish this task.


Thank you for all your impressive work in providing tutorials for PTE 8 & 9. It has been a huge help already!


Kay Scheurer Steele

Ritter, Oregon, USA

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I’m glad the tutorials have helped and PTE is a great bit of software for what you’re planning. I would set the show size at HD size. 16:9 Aspect Ratio (1920px by 1080px) and I would use un-cropped and unsized images in the show as I prepare it.

Once completed I would publish the show as a 60p Mp4 Video and that will play anywhere. PC, Macs, Laptops, Digital Projection, TV’s and its perfect for YouTube and other social media.

Whether your laptop is up to the job is a different question, but if you do have to resize lots of images, consider a batch process to do the hard work for you. A batch process won’t crop images, but it will reduce the overall size to some degree to take the pressure off your laptop. I’m not a fan of laptops personally and if I could use a desktop for what you’re proposing, I would rather do that.

With regard to panning and zooming. If you can use full size in-cropped images, you’ll have all the scope you need. If you are resizing images, you generally don’t need more than 500px to allow for animation. Images for a 1920px show can be created at 2560px on the long side and will meet most, if not all your needs. This will allow gently panning and zooming, which is what you’ll need for a wildlife show.

I will have batch process videos on my website for Photoshop and Lightroom

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This is perfect, Barry, thanks for your speedy response! I had started sizing images at 2560px after selecting 16:9 Aspect Ratio. I saw that your tutorial also suggested larger scaling for those images selected for panning, so that point was not missed. It will be quite a while before I am ready to publish, and I will definitely take your recommendation and go for 60p Mp4 Video.  The suggestion to do batch resizing is timely - I hadn't thought of that! Your help is truly appreciated. 


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