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re the image of 'Nested Animation' on the PTE home page , could some kind soul point me to that reference/tutorial within the PTE manual or other source.

Must be there somewhere but my searching has not been productive yet.

My main need at present is to create water rippling.

Many thanks for any pointers. 




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The way to create rippling water is best done via two programs: PTE and SqirlzReflect, a freeware program. - See my video tutorials 42 and 43 on the link below.

SquilzReflect is used to create the ripple effect and PTE is used to attenuate or soften the reflections to make them much more realistic. I cover this all in the two videos. It's by far best to create an animated GIF with SqirlzReflect and use that rather than a video because it saves a great deal of overhead.

You could also simply create an animated gif of your own by taking a brief video of the actual water you want to ripple and then use a video program such as Wondershare Filmora which makes creating an animated gif from a video extremely simple and fast.

Here's the link to my tutorials page - scroll down past the red numbers and find #42 and #43..


Best regards,


PS - here's one of my PTE styles which shows rippling water (you just choose a PNG transparency such as an animal to appear in the crystal decanter and apply the style and PTE does the rest... You can easily adjust the size and position of the animal in the decanter...




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