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Secret of Dissolve transition in PTE 3 & 4

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Probably you remember that Dissolve transition in EXE shows created in PTE 3, PTE 4.x.x played smooth even on old slow computers back in 2001. When only first 3D video cards recently appeared. I remember that many other slideshows apps couldn't play smooth Dissolve transition in that time.

There was a trick. If PTE 3, 4 detected a poor performance of a computer, we started to render Dissolve effect in interlaced mode. In the first frame, even lines were shown, in the next, odd lines. It did the magic - the result looked much more smooth, and no side effect of any "interlacing" effect. It really worked great for static images. It was our idea.

PTE could show 40-60 interlaced frames per second, instead of "honest" progressive 20-30 fps.

Optical effect smoothed a picture in your eyes, even on close distance to a display.

Since PTE 5 in 2007 there is no need in this trick, and PTE honestly renders true 60 frames per second or more using all power of modern video cards.

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