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Moving Audio Clips in the Timeline?

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I know that I can move an entire audio tracks up or down. But I want to move audio clips up/down into an existing audio track. I don't want to manually drag them with my mouse. If there are several crossfaded audio clips, for example, it is difficult to keep them exactly has you had them if you drag them by hand. Or even just a single audio clip is hard to move up/down manually and keep it exactly in the same position.

Is there a way to highlight a single audio clip or a group of audio clips (like Ctrl-?) and move them using the keypad (Ctrl-PgUp/PgDn?) into an existing audio track?



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Hi Gary, this would be  a very useful feature, but isn't available at the moment. Maybe something for a future version.

The way to do it at the moment is to link the next clip to the right to a slide, in both the track you are moving the clips from & the one you are moving them to.
If you don't do this then then they will move when you move the clips.

Double click on the clip you want to move which will bring up the Audio tab in project Options

You can then drag the clips to another track, click OK & they will move keeping the same time position.


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