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I am doing  travel slideshow . I need,   in addition to recorded comments, to include some text.

I would like these text get the same formatting from slide to slide : title text, description text, comments each having a different formatting.

The only way I found is to have a slide with the different text models and copy/pasting the text in the new slide. It is tedious and time consuming.

Should it be possible, like in a text editor, to create named text style defining : font, bold ,italic, underlined, color, alignement, spacing and shadow( with all shadow parameters).

Then for a new text, choose the text style by name in a dropdown list.

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How about creating a Slide Style that just contains the text, but perhaps leaves the text transparent. (0 opacity.) Apply the slide style first and then your images and commentary. You could then go to any image that requires text and bring up the opacity and adjust the wording.

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Ah! with PTE, there is always somebody proposing a smart  workaround for any difficulty.

I am going to try that. Thanks Barry.

nevertheless I think text style would be more standard practice and elegant.


tried: drastic simplification. thanks again.

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