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How To Display the File Name as a Caption in a slide show

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Can anyone help? I would like to display the file name of the photograph, as a caption on the slide. Have looked in slides options and various other areas, such as objects and Animations. Unless I am missing something, I cannot see how to do it automatically. I appreciate  I could type each file name individually in this case it would not be practical. If this option is not available, can it be added.

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Hi GW,

First, go to "Settings" at top left of your screen - then "Preferences" then "Toolbars" and put a checkmark beside every available box.

Next, from the slides view, Select all slides you want to apply this to then click on the little "down arrow" beside "Comment" then click on the blue text "Insert Text Template" and choose "Picture Name" or, alternatively, "Picture Name With Extension." Then click on "O.K."

If you are certain you want to do this on all slides, you can click on "Project"  "Project Options"  "Defaults"  where you can "Customize Fonts" "Apply To All Slides" change the position of the text on the slide universally, etc, etc, etc,.

If you only need to change the position on a single slide or a few slides, go to Objects and Animations and modify the "Text Object" as desired.

Best regards,


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