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Add voice to object ?

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I want to add a sound to a button while click on. I think I can do it by duplicating the slide and adding sound to the new slide, but I'm looking for a shorter way, if there is, before I start working. Who knows ?


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I think your suggestion is the only way to do this. Neat idea!


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;) Welcome back Boxig !

Hope you had a nice vacation ( those long ones got to be )

The way you suggest is the only way I know of. I do recall having some type of sound issues though when applying sounds to my buttons in (PTE-Basic Tips Guide 1) when used in combo with background music. So I abandoned the button sounds to avoid the issues in the final product. However, that presentation was made with v3.70b

So, I cant recall what exactly the issue was ....whether repeating , choppy, or wouldnt play sometimes. I did use multiple background music segements in the overall project also.

Maybe I will retry to make the Guide in v3.80 to refresh my memory !


I just did a retest for that sound issue.

The result was : When the background music changed to the next background music segment ... and at exactly the same time press your BUTTON for the next page (sound) ... the Button sound would get triggered and continually repeat . This only happened during the next music transistion and page change occurring at the same instance. Not that it always happened ... but once is enough for a issue.

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