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I'm a brand new user = freshly registered. And already I have a wish list.

I purchased this program for use within a large project which will take most of the next two years. I have looked at quite a few similar programs, and haven't found the perfect one yet, but PtoE COULD be with a few additions.

1. The ability to run .avi files and perhaps other movie files. I can work around this, but it's VERY labor intensive. I found that it is possible to "run .avi files" in the program by disassembling the .avi within a graphics program with that capacity, saving each frame one-by-one, loading into PtoE and then adjusting the speed per slide to 20 milleseconds with instant display (no transitions). Voila! Not so instant movie. :-) It sure would be nice to just load an .avi and go.

2. The ability to load a "blank" slide -- one with no picture attached. This would allow background tiling or background color to show and act as a template for menus. This would save time and space.

3. The ability to create html pages as well as .exe and scr files.

4. A user option to disable music when running a slide show. Some people love added music and others hate it, so it would be nice to give users of our slide shows and screensavers that option.

Thanks for looking,

Sharon (starfish)

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Hello Starfish and welcome to the forum

1. PTE is unable to include movie files within the show. Your suggestion would work, but would obviously take hours and hours to do and would be a nightmare to get synchronised. As an alternative youe could add buttons to your show that would call up the movie files and run them in whatever software the user has (Quicktime, Movie Player etc). Not as elegant as including them in the show, but a lot easier.

2. This is already possible. There is a tickbox called "Show Image" alongside the chosen picture. The default is that it it ticked, but if you untick it the image is not displayed, but any objects or sound effects will still work.

3. Not yet possible more's the pity... :)

4. Also not possible within the show, but a workaround could be to include two shows on the CD, one with music and one without, and give users the choice of which version to run.


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Wish List.............

Any news of a version of PTE for Mac users? :)

I have some PTE sequences which I'd love to save to CD and post to a friend using a Mac. What is the best way that I can do this so they can view my sequences please?

Many thanks for all the birthday messages and animated greetings yesterday!



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