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Hi to everybody

I'm a new member

I'm new to P2E

I made a presentation and everythin is running well, even the downloaded file from my website.

But I'm experiencing problems in reading the back up copy CD-R (written with WinOnCD at "normal settings"): music is running faster than slides.

It happens too (but not each time) that at the end of second part (second music) slides stop running and music begins again.

Is there anybody who can help me in solving this problem?

Thank you


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Hey Sam,

When you open Pictures to EXE go to the PROJECT OPTIONS box in the lower left of the screen. Open the MAIN box and under SHOW SETTING click either: Close show after last slide OR When Show Ends Keep Last Slide in Show on Screen. Also select Synchronize slideshow to music duration.

I think that should take care of your problem.


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Guest guru

Sam, I think your problem comes from CD medium, that is very slower than HDD. In PTE, the soundtrack is cached entirely at the beginning of the show, and plays always at the same speed; on the contrary, slides are read one at a time, and the reading speed depends not only by computer features but also by used media.

So, the pictures demand more time to be read from a CD, and appear more and more late in comparison with the music.

See also my reply in "Different Computers" topic.

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