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diaporama break

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Using Picture To Exe V3.80, I have to face a problem. I am making a diaporama composed of 360 pictures. When I try to visualize it, the diaporama stops at the 60th picture, and it is impossible to continue.

Please, could you help me to solve this problem ?

I would also like to know if it is possible to visualize only a part of diaporama (from a specific picture to another one), in order to be able to check the diaporama during its building.

Thanks for your help

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When building a sequence it is possible to jump to specific slide by temporarily placing action buttons on the first picture that link to pictures further down the list. Make sure that your mouse is enabled, and that auto-synch (if you are using it) is disabled. It won't give you a "real" vreview of the show as the music playback doesn't jump to the new slide, but it will give you a better feel for the dissolves than the preview gives. Then remove the buttons when you are finished.


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