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Thanks also to bart!

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I think Bart deserves both thanks and a well deserved "plug" here. While this PTE forum was "out of business", it was a great help and comfort to me to be able to log onto bart's site Bart and Cindy's Portal to learn what was going on with our PTE forum. Others who were able to get in contact with Igor were able to share their helpful info with anyone who was aware or remembered bart's site. I'm sure it took a special effort by Bart to be so helpful too as he was doing a major upgrade of his site when PTE went down. So, my hat is off to Bart and I suggest others who have not yet been there, should get acquainted. Who knows, we may have an emergency again, and in the meantime there is a fine site with good information waiting. And of course an eager-to-help webmeister. Thanks bart :):D :D

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Yes, LumenLux:

I am also grateful to Bart, and had the chance to visit their (Bart and Cindy┬┤s) remodeled site. Nice interface, important sections of contents, several forums. Rich information. It was an important (and still is) way to find

PTE in cyberspace, after the temporal shutdown and now about this and other software.


Thanks Bart and Cindy.



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Thanks for the kind words gents..

I am just doing what I like to do in my spare time as a hobby.."web designing and programing"

Yes, I will try to do my best to keep up with the pace if something terrible occurs within this community of fine members around the world of ours.

As always..

New members are welcomed at my site and post their thoughts, ideas, concerns, general talk, etc.

I am just glad to help out if and when I can! ;)

Thanks once again,


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